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    Rilion Stack by Gracie Essentials

    Rilion Stack by Gracie Essentials

    See here the favorite Gracie Essentials product bundle selection used by Master Rilion Gracie on his daily routine. 

    • Gracie Whey Acai Flavor - Natural whey protein powder with unique combination of ingredients – pure Whey, Collagen Peptides and Acai Berry – for maximum endurance, energy and stamina. How to take: one scoop with breakfast in the morning + One scoop right after evening workout/BJJ class.
    • G-Ultra Test Natural Testosterone Booster - scientifically engineered to deliver the most powerful testosterone-boosting and natural ingredients on the market.* This powerful formula offers the benefits of both free and total testosterone boost as well as cortisol balance.* Using powerful clinically studied key ingredients, G-Ultra Test works with the body to naturally support testosterone levels. How to take: 3 capsules before bedtime
    • G-Flex Joint Health and Protection -  with 1500mg of Glucosamine is a powerful blend designed to reduce soreness and discomfort in the joints.* It's formula is a natural way to increase flexibility and support joint mobility. This supplement aides in sports related and other age related joint problems. For those suffering from lower back, neck, knee and hand discomfort or stiffness, our Glucosamine Sulfate supplement has the perfect formula. The combination of Natural Ingredients such as Turmeric, Chondroitin and Boswellia Extract helps to lubricate damaged and worn joints, while reducing discomfort, resulting in increased mobility and flexibility. How to take: 3 capsules a day (before meals)
    • G-40 Guard Probiotic Complex 40 Billion CFU - Besides the high potency of 40 BILLION CFU* and the selection of the best strains for your body, G-40 GUARD PROBIOTIC COMPLEX comes with a patent pending technology called MAKTREK® 3D. This feature will help to ensure that more alive probiotic bacteria reaches your digestive system by encapsulating them in a protective coating when in contact with the water in your stomach. Shelf Stable - No need to refrigerated. Tested for purity, stability and potency. How to take: 2 capsules per day (one during the day and one before bed)

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