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    Brand Ambassador Gracie Essentials

    • Creator of " Temple Construction " philosophy/lifestyle
    • CO-Founder of VFIT Living Organization
    • Houston Fit ( TV show on major cable network April 2016) Trainer
    • TV Host for VFIT Living Fitness Show on VAN-TV
    • Health & Fitness Articles in VietLife Magazine
    • Fitness & Print Model, Host & Actor for TV/Film/Commercials
    • Film Fight choreographer 
    • Talent Agency Representation by Pastorini Bosby Talent Agency
    • Inspirational & Motivational Speaker for Truth & Compassion Prison Ministry/ Toastmasters Public Speaker
    • Rilion Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy Blue Belt competitor & athlete


      I am going on 8 years of being certified as a personal trainer in the health industry & over 15 years of physical training. I'm also a fitness model, host, actor & inspirational speaker for prison ministry.

      Most importantly I am a child of the Most High GOD! By developing a healthy & fit lifestyle for myself I wanted others to receive the same blessings that I am receiving.

      My program has allowed my own body fat % to be at 6%. The joy & happiness in my life was created by defeating my inner core issues & developing a positive energy to the world. Me & my partner Mai started an organization called VFIT Living to inspire, motivate & educate the community to live a healthy & fit lifestyle.

      We are currently targeting the Vietnamese community & have our own fitness television show that airs on VAN-TV ( Vietnamese American Network-TV). I have acted in commercials, TV, independent short-films & feature films as well. My roles has ranged from FED agents, police officers , judo master to a illegal immigrant. I am currently preparing for more roles from comedy to action films.

      Diet & Nutrition plays a huge role in an individuals goal to transform their temple. My mission is to defeat the obesity epidemic war in our city of Houston and nation! From childhood obesity to every temple! Our movement will be taking over Houston and the surrounding cities!!!!

      As a spiritual individual I believe that our body is created as a temple (home) for us to live in. My specialty is to motivate, inspire & empower my clients for their spiritual fitness goals. My calling is to create & develop a workout routine/program for individuals temples that require:

      Rapid fat & body weight loss
      Body transformation & spiritual growth
      Increase Energy & Happiness
      Spiritual Awareness
      Lean & tone muscles
      Positive Attitude & Thinking
      Muscular Strength & Endurance
      Diet & Nutritional Advice
      Core Specific Training
      Flexibility & Conditioning
      Overall physical & mental health
      Meal prepping

      Now I am also a proud Brand Ambassador for Gracie Essentials, the Supplements Brand that brings to the market the highest standards in quality nutrition and is built over the same healthy lifestyle principles that I believe.

      Let's build a temple for your spirit!
      Visit my website: