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     Alexandre Furtado BJJ Gracie Essentials

    Just like my father, Great Master Carlos Gracie Sr., I became an autodidact when the subject is healthy nutrition.

    And I cannot ignore the evolution of this market in the last few years, specially in a country like the US. We have seen a significant growth of interest in the topic, especially among the younger population.

    However, people quickly began to realize that keeping a natural, healthy, strict and disciplined diet it's not practical in the modern society, where everyone is in a kind of a "rush" for everything.

    And that is where the supplement industry has found one of its main pillars by addressing the "need" for instant consumption of essential nutrients in a very convenient format: a capsule or a powder scoop.

    As getting the necessary nutritional value from the real food that we eat alone became nearly impossible nowadays, we then turn to supplements of different kinds.

    That was the main reason why I created Gracie Essentials. If you cannot fight them, join them. But in a way you can preserve your principles, values and beliefs.

    Mostly important, I did not want to enter in my academy's locker room anymore and find my athletes taking supplements that represent a treat to their health.

    But this was not their fault. I realized that a lot of people fail to comprehend that taking nutritional supplements from unauthorized and unproven ingredients with questionable health effects is a considerable gamble that may end up causing potentially devastating effects on their bodies.




    All our products are manufactured in USA. This is important because we have more standards and regulations here in the United States than other parts of the world. Unfortunately, many supplement brands are using the stamp "Made in USA" in their product bottles in a misleading way. Be careful and only select products from trustful companies. 



    Our manufacturing partners and facilities are cGMP (current good manufacturing practices), which requires that proper controls are in place for dietary supplements so that they are processed in a consistent manner, and meet quality standards in regard to safety, identity, purity, strength, and composition. Also, to ensure that all those requirements are met, we test our products in independent laboratories and verify that everything in the label is inside the bottle. 




    Dietary supplements are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is given authority to regulate the industry through the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA). DSHEA is a federal statute passed in 1994 that defines what dietary supplements are, and includes guidelines on how they should be sold and regulated. Our products are made in facilities registered and inspected by FDA.





    You will not find artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors inside our products. That's one of our core principles. We believe and learned from many researches that those ingredientes represent a real threat to your health. Also we do not use fillers like maltodextrin, which in most of cases come from Monsanto's GM corn, or any others. Our WHEY protein, for instance in 100% Natural and the ingredients come from sources that have the highest quality standards in the market.




    We selected only the BEST Premium Quality ingredients to make our products. We did not save on anything. No cheap proteins, no junk formulas, no placebo pills! We are proud to offer a product to our consumers that are completely aligned with our beliefs and principles.