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    LIVING LEGACY BLOG — Rilion Gracie

    There Is No Shortcut in Life! Where's Your True North?

    There Is No Shortcut in Life! Where's Your True North?

    I always say that Gracie Essentials is much more than just a new brand of supplements and vitamins in the market. It's actually a way I found to take my father's legacy to the next level, by helping people to overcome their physical challenges.

    So, in order to make this happen there is one thing one cannot forget: stay always truthful to your principles. Remember where you came from and do not let the society pressure corrupt your most valuable asset: Your True North, Your Mission in Life. This is the actual direction you have to follow. Doesn't matter how slow or how fast, but do not take easy detours. There is no shortcut to life.

    And that is where all the concern with the quality of our supplements come in the scene. I would never accept to add anything in my formulas that could go against everything I learned during my entire life journey.

    Gracie Essentials, the best quality functional nutrition for everyone, whether you are an athlete or just a weekend warrior, this brand was made for you. 

    And if you want to know more about my father's legacy, download for free the e-Book "7 Life Hacks by Grandmaster Carlos Gracie". A real journey through the real history of Jiujitsu and the modern MMA.



    Rilion Gracie 

    The Real History Behind the Origins of the Modern Multi Martial Arts

    The Real History Behind the Origins of the Modern Multi Martial Arts

    There are many controversial histories behind the origin of the modern MMA and how this new combat sport became so popular in the entire world, changing the life of millions. But I can tell you the real facts, show you pictures and give you my personal testimonial, because this is also the history of my family's legacy.

    Everything began when my grandfather Gastão, tried somehow to channel the energies of his unsettled son, convincing him to take martial arts lessons with a Japanese immigrant called Mitsuyo Maeda, aka Conde Koma. At the age of 14, in 1916, my father Carlos Gracie became the first Gracie to learn Jiu-Jitsu.

    That was how a very troublesome boy, who used to play with the caimans in the rivers of Belem do Para, north of Brazil, began the legacy that would grow exponentially until the modern days, several years after his passing.

    Curious and endowed with a strong sense of observation, my father studied and learned the JiuJitsu techniques in a prodigious way, earning Maeda’s trust.

    To have an idea of the specialization level my father reached in applying the techniques, he was able to tell the opponent in the sparring sessions that he would submit him with an arm bar in his right arm. The opponent was then very alert to the moves, hiding the arm, not giving a chance, but that was completely useless. My father was always able to execute the move anyway.

    That marked the beginning of the technical improvement and innovation in the techniques. The beginning of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. At around 22 years of age my father made a profession of the Gentle Art in Rio de Janeiro, to where the family had moved. He sought adversaries by issuing public challenges, sowed the seeds of the modern MMA, set up an academy attracting influential figures from high society and structured a family into the most famous martial arts clan in the world.

    On his very particular way of seeing the world, my father, Grand Master Carlos Gracie, was just in the beginning of his amazing journey.

    What happens next and what are the lessons learned? Well this is long so, in order to help to spread my father's history to younger generations, I put together several pieces of materials, publications, memories and created a bilingual e-book (English/Portuguese) where I summarized his main life lessons, which brought me here where I am right now and were able to perpetuate his legacy until today.

    You can easily download the first edition of the book for free clicking here:




    Hope you enjoy the journey of this reading! I would love to hear your impressions, comments and feedbacks about it! OSS!

    Rilion Gracie

    free e-book gracie essentials

    This e-book is offered to you by Gracie Essentials, the supplements and vitamins company founded by Master Rilion Gracie

    Couples That Roll Together ...

    Couples That Roll Together ...

    Well, after many years teaching martial arts and observing my students behaviour, I can complete the sentence of the post subject by telling you that couples that roll together stick together for a long time!

    Well, that's not hard to explain at all. Both of them are making a commitment to learn something together under the same umbrella of principles and values. In practical terms, that also means they’re always on the same page when it comes to training schedules, food choices and physical goals.

    By having a common desire to learn self-defense, get healthier or stronger, they have chosen to share the same journey (and of course, reach their destination) together in a teamwork.

    I believe that this bond is the secret to making relationship more solid, specially in a world of so many volatility when the matter is the heart.

    You can say that this would apply to any sports or activities a couple decides to embark together. But in the case of a martial art, there are several unique aspects that can represent a plus in a relationship:

    1) Training Jiu-Jitsu, MMA or any other martial arts, trains you to stay calm and optimistic, even in the toughest moments. Being optimistic drives their positive energy to support each other. Therefore, they are able to take on life’s challenges together. 

    2) They will be happy and stress free people. Apart from the fact they will earn more time to enjoy themselves together, an intense workout gives them lots of energy to power up the day! This is all thanks to the endorphins that their brains release. Besides giving them that boost of extra energy, these hormones have a deep impact in the mood, increasing your level of happiness reducing stress. It's really a physical thing.

    3) They will never run out of things to do or to talk about. Imagine sharing a passion for Jiu-Jitsu with your significative other! Your UCF nights are now so much more fun! You've got company! And even better, they can apply and practice the techniques they see on TV or Internet anytime, anywhere ... And most importantly, as they progress in the learning they will become even closer to each other, as they will have a deeper mutual understanding. They will know their strengths and weaknesses during the trainings. When they finally get to this point, supporting the partner whenever needed, out of the mats, will become even more natural.

    4) And last but not least, if things get real bad and they want to fight (sometimes it happens ...), there will be always an open mat nearby for them to do some sparring and maybe, who knows, fixing things up on the BJJ way (LOL).

    A special thanks to my friends, a real Jiu-Jitsu couple, Rafael and Sara Torres for the super nice picture! Hope you both love this post as well!

    And as this blog post is featured at Gracie Essentials website for the Valentine's Day, I can not finish without inviting you to enjoy the promotions we have for him and for her on all the supplements and vitamins that will keep your heart beating strong! 

    Hope you all LOVE it!

    Master Rilion Gracie


    Copyright: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo

    7 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolution Might Fail

    7 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolution Might Fail

    Traditionally a new calendar year symbolizes a new chapter opening in the book of your life. A blank page waiting to be written, a restart. But while so many people like you wish to achieve something, according to researches, only about 10% will ever experience the sweet taste of accomplishment. Sounds bad?  Yes, it is pretty bad. Chances to fail are 90%.

    I was making a reflection on why that happens while observing my Jiu-Jitsu new members starting their practice in this first week of the year. Many new faces, but unfortunately the majority of them have high changes to not be an academy member by the end of the year. I watch this movie every year.

    And it’s not anybody’s fault, it happens everywhere in fitness gyms and academies of all kinds. And here are the reasons my reflection on the issue has revealed:

    • You are a “short term” thinker – Life is just like a marathon and not a sprint run. As a marathon requires, you need to plan for it. You need to plan resources, get some practice (so you can have an idea if that is for you) and set goals. I will talk about goals later, but the thing is that most people want it ALL and want it right NOW. Don’t try to change your whole lifestyle in January, because that will certainly be too much. Start with small changes and victories. Walk a 5K race, then run a 5K, then go to 10K, 15K, 21K and that’s how you will get to complete a marathon! Want to lose weight? Start by adding one good habit per week on your daily diet. Drink more water first, quit fast food second, eat more veggies next, add some quality protein in the meals in the sequence, etc., etc.
    • Too much thinking, less action - There is a time to be a planner; there is a time to doer. Many people stop in the planning once they realize that the “doing part” will be in fact pretty hard (it does not have to be, if you go back to the point before). So, it does not matter how ready you are or how much knowledge you got for accomplishing certain project, if your ATTITUDE fails, you will never finish anything in life. Be more pragmatic and get things done!
    • You do not enjoy the process – when you see eating right as a chore and exercise as a penalty, things are not well. The best fitness routine is the one that does not cause disturbance in your daily life. Don’t add stress to your day. The goal is exactly the opposite, remove the stress and make things pleasant. Nobody could to do something that hates consistently for too long. Once I read an interview with one of the best Brazilian swimmers and several times gold medalist in the Olympic Games saying that sometimes is hard to get in the pool in the morning that he felt like he was going to puke in the water … That happens to everyone, because there are not 100% of good days in life. But I am sure he enjoys 99% of his sports practice.
    • You do not have a goal – “What gets measured gets done!” Yes, this is so true; people do not have a “solid”, “specific”, “realistic” and measurable goal set when they think on New Year’s resolutions. Tracking progress is key to any project accomplishment. Instead, people just say: “I want to Lose Weight”. When the correct thinking would be “I want to lose 2 pounds per month until the end of the year”. That would be the perfect goal statement. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. Specialists call it a “SMART” goal.
    • You have no social support – That’s so hard to be alone in your projects, because people do not motivate you to follow on the right direction. You need to have support from your family to start with. If you will make your family unhappy every time you are absent to practice a sport, then you should rethink on your plans and negotiate the schedule will cause the minimum disturbance of your family affairs. Friend must be in the equation as well. How about to post in your social media timeline inviting your followers to be your accountability partners? So, an extra help and motivation will come to you for helping on your journey. And this is at same time an extra commitment you are making. Now, it’s not you to be disappointed in case of a failure. The more people, the more the strength of your mission. Spread the world! 
    • You don’t now your WHY – for anything in life you need a “reason why”. That is the fundamental of your motivation. Motivation = motive + action. And probably this is one of the major things here. It’s important to know if, for example, you want to be fit to become a positive example to your children or feel more confident and sexy? The reason why matters and that is what should come to your mind when you about to give up!
    • You do not believe in yourself – wow, that’s so powerful because your mind plays tricks on you. If you think you can’t then your body probably can’t go on. But impossible is nothing and whatever your mind believes will become reality. Even if you failed in the past trying to accomplish the same thing, do not let that negative thinking disturb your plans. You can do better this time, because you are better prepared and have more confidence in you. I always tell to my students: “The black belt is the white belt that never gave up”.


    Have a Great Year!

    Rilion Gracie


    Picture: Renzo Gracie and Rilion Gracie - Credits: Ray Santana

    Blog Living Legacy by Gracie Essentials


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    "Butterflies" in your Stomach Before a Match?

    How the enteric nervous system role in our belly goes far beyond just processing the food we eat*.


    It doesn't matter how experienced athlete you are, I am pretty sure you already experienced that familiar feeling of "butterflies" in the stomach before an important race or competition.


    This sensation comes from an often-overlooked network of neurons lining your gut that is so extensive some scientists have nicknamed it our "second brain".


    A more detailed understanding of this mass of neural tissue, filled with important neurotransmitters, reveals that it does much more than merely process digestion.

    In fact, your gut is in direct connection with your brain and partly determines our mental state and plays important roles in certain diseases throughout the body.

    This whole system contains over 100 million neurons, more than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system. This enornous amount of neurons in the enteric nervous system enables us to "feel" the inner world of our gut and its contents.

    Much of this "intelligence" is used for complex daily tasks as breaking down food, absorbing nutrients and expelling of waste moving everything on down the line in a synchronized chemical process and rhytimic muscle contractions. This is a very complicated process and scientists found out that about 90 percent of the fibers in the primary visceral nerve, carry information from the gut to the brain and not the other way around (!!)

    Besides that the "second brain" also informs our state of mind in many situations and a big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut. Butterflies in the stomach, signaling in the gut as part of our physiological stress response, is just one example.

    In fact 95% of the body's serotonin is found in the bowels. Antidepressant medications that increase serotonin levels, also provoke gut issues as a side effect. Irritable bowel syndrome—which afflicts millions of people —also arises in part from too much serotonin in our entrails, and could perhaps be regarded as a "mental illness" of the second brain.

    Researches are currently investigating how the "second brain" mediates the body's immune response. We know that at least 70% percent of our immune system is aimed at the gut to expel and kill foreign invaders.

    One way to help your gut to balance the system is providing more "good bacterias" to balance the loss caused by stress, fatigue, bad eating habits. A powerful probiotics complex with the right bacteria strains can be key to your health and wellness.

    So after all, whether you are a professional athlete or just an sports enthusiast, it is time to pay more attention to that so-called "gut feelings".


    Rilion Gracie


    * credits to Scientific American Magazine https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/gut-second-brain/